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Consolidated payroll service

HMRC legislation is ever-changing, and it’s your duty as a business owner to remain compliant. It is important to ensure you are submitting and maintaining your payroll, pensions and CIS correctly to ensure you don’t fall victim to any unwanted fines. For a more elaborate explanation, refer to the ‘expectations’ section under ‘Services’ in the navigation bar. We take on the burden of reporting to HMRC and keeping employee details maintained, from PAYE employees and their pension schemes to CIS workers.

Our responsibilities

  • Carrying out all necessary PAYE/pension/CIS administration on your behalf
  • Ensuring all contributions are submitted and compliant with government legislation
  • Being fully GDPR compliant – if you don’t want to store your worker’s personal data, we can do it for you
  • Ensuring each worker receives a payslip mailed directly to their house

Why should you use a payroll company?

Licensing software and hiring someone to maintain your data and schemes can be a costly affair, especially for a small-medium business owner. Hiring a payroll firm to manage your data and schemes not only saves you time & money, it simply makes sense in this digital age, as you have many obligations to report to several different agencies. Consolidate the work and remove the stress by hiring an experienced team to work for you.

  • Experienced & Professional staff
  • Consolidate your duties with the government
  • Save time & money
  • Avoid licensing fees

You can contact us to ask us anything if you have any questions after browsing the website. There are no stupid questions; we know how daunting HMRC can be. Either give us a call, fill out the form to the right or if you’re local pop in for a chat!

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